Lake Tahoe CA - Serv Goyal Photography
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Sun Flare

Sometimes classic photographic lenses provide just the right feel and effect to a scene.  I shot this with my 15 yr. old Nikkor 28-105mm without the advanced ED and Nano coatings of new Nikon lenses, and loved the resulting flare.  The latest lenses are designed to eliminate the flare that you see here.  I like to have a bit of everything in my photo kit.  This is a panorama stitched from 3 portrait shots.

Available sizes (inches) - 12x36, 20x60, 30x90. Image ratio is 1:3, other custom sizes available upon request. For example - 24x72

Available print surfaces - Metal, Canvas, Acrylic with some restrictions. Please contact me for details.

From Oceans , Lakes & Rivers